Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are some of the most popular gadgets of 2017. These portable devices are a must have for anyone who enjoys music wherever they go. Packed with big sound and numerous features in a small package, Bluetooth speakers are ideal for any occasion.

What are Bluetooth speakers? Simply put, Bluetooth speakers play sound wirelessly from any device that also has a Bluetooth connection. Many common electronic devices have Bluetooth capabilities including cell phones, computers, tablets, TVs, and smart home devices. This gives you the ability to play music from any of these devices without having to physically plug into the speaker.

This section of the site is dedicated to exploring the various Bluetooth speaker options on the market to help aid in choosing the right speaker for you. Our reviews are broken down into major consideration areas that are important in deciding which Bluetooth device is best for your needs. Each review will feature a quick summary of pros and cons as well as an in-depth, hands-on review. The reviews are performed using many different criteria to examine all aspects of the speakers. Below you will find the main criteria as well as a description of what we look for in each category:

  • Price – This is one of the key considerations when choosing a speaker. We make it a priority to review Bluetooth speakers for all budgets. With price ranges from $25 to $200 and even more for serious audiophile quality units, we’ll highlight the best products in each to help you decide on the ideal device for your liking.
  • Sound – Another important factor in choosing a speaker is how it sounds. With tons of competition in the market, you shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre sound to fit in your budget. From single speaker devices to 360-degree sound, bass radiators and subwoofers, we’ll highlight it all. A few of the specific sound criteria includes:
    • Number of speakers – some Bluetooth devices will come with multiple speakers. These can help produce more sound while keeping the overall size small and portable. Some Bluetooth speakers will even contain subwoofers (or bass radiators)- these are speakers that produce the low end bass to help create an even soundstage. Because bass is non-directional, the subwoofers are often found on the bottom or back of Bluetooth speakers. For the best sound, position Bluetooth speakers with the subwoofer near a wall to help amplify the bass.
    • SPL (sound pressure level)– measured in decibels, this is the gauge of how loud the speaker can get. If you’re looking for a speaker that can handle a large area, you’ll want to choose a bigger speaker with a higher SPL.
    • SQL (sound quality)– this is the measure of how the audio sounds. Some speakers are able to produce higher and lower frequencies than their competition. The majority of Bluetooth speakers are able to reproduce all the notes of your favorite songs in a natural way. However, for listeners with a pickier ear, the sound quality might be a greater factor. We’ll dive into the details for the tech-inclined readers to highlight the technical specifications which help determine the sound quality. We’ll also perform our own testing to ensure the specifications are as accurate as possible.
  • Size – what is your primary use of the speaker? Are you looking to carry it on a camping trip or will the device be stationary in the home? Deciding if you want a speaker for a specific application or if you’d like one that can do it all will help determine which device is the best choice for you. We’ll help outline the best Bluetooth speakers for specific uses.
  • Weatherproof – many portable Bluetooth speakers have a water resistant or waterproof rating (IP). This is an important consideration if you plan to use the speaker in an outdoor environment such as the beach, pool, or on a boat. The main determination here is the IP rating. This will truly tell if the speaker is able to handle moisture/ light splashes or if it can be fully submerged in water and still operate effectively. The higher the IPX number, the more protection the device has.

We’ve chosen the best Bluetooth speakers available on the market to test and recommend. Our reviews are unbiased and honest to give you complete transparency and to facilitate your buying experience. Follow the links below to start learning about the top Bluetooth speakers for your specific criteria.

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